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Co-living is disrupting the housing sector through innovation and technology. India has 12.3 million migrant students, 3.4 million students in hostels and a demand supply mismatch of 8.9 million. In addition, there are 37.4 million migrant professionals in their mid to late twenties. A major part of the student and migrant professionals’ housing requirements are still served by the unorganised sector viz. unregistered paying guest accommodations etc. ION has more than a decade experience in meeting the specific requirements of the Co-living segment, having started its business at Manipal university campus, Manipal.

ION’s offerings:

  • Central User based authentication: Every user is centrally authenticated as per the DOT circular dated…
  • Flexible policy: Flexible user policy as determined by the customer (not subscriber) and subscriber’s option to upgrade depending on the individual requirements.
  • Highspeed bandwidth: ION has its own network capable of delivering ultra-highspeed bandwidth to the properties. This helps us deliver committed speeds despite high concurrent sessions.
  • Wi-Fi expertise: ION is one of the largest managed Wi-Fi service provider in the country, with more than a decade of experience. The learnings have helped us deploy tailor made solutions for each property most suitable to the specific layout.
  • Partners: ION has the partnership with the best in class OEMs viz., CISCO, Ruckus, Huawei, Juniper etc. ION deploys commercial grade network equipment of these OEMs to deliver best in class quality of service
  • Build Own Operate: ION invests

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